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Ascot Centre Consultation

Access and movement

Ascot Centre Consultation

Access and movement within the area covered by the Development Brief is fundamental to ensuring that the High Street improvements are a success. The roundabouts at either end of the High Street would be improved to create better traffic flows; enlarging the roundabout at the eastern end and realigning the roundabout at the western end to create better manoeuvring space.

As the precise scheme for the High Street is worked out, the following principles will be key:

  • Movement on foot to and within the High Street is to be prioritised;
  • Pedestrian crossings are to be provided where people walk to walk across the High Street, and will be enhanced for pedestrian safety and comfort;
  • Planning applications for Ascot Green East or West will provide enhanced crossing facilities at the roundabouts at either end of the High Street, to which those developments relate;
  • A planning application that proposes the development of Car Park 5 will include provision for a community square, pedestrian movements will be a focal point within that design;
  • Where a planning application is submitted that includes the public realm improvements to the High Street, it shall include the reconfiguration of Car Parking spaces on the High Street to remove the existing conflicts with pedestrian crossings;
  • The provision for a network of footpaths and cycle routes;
  • New development will be required to include provision for cycle parking or the safe storage of cycles, to serve residents, visitors and employees.

The proposals will provide new car parking spaces in accordance with RBWM standards to cater for the demand generated from the new retail and office floorspace.  In addition, there will be net increases in the number of long term parking spaces (for traders and those working in the town) and short term parking spaces for visitors to the High Street.

You can read more about this on pages 50 - 52 of the Brief and in the technical appendices.

Car Parks Plan

Outside of the masterplan area, the Racecourse is considering formalising areas of Car Park 3 and Car Park 4 to provide additional spaces for the community / rail users. This will progress as a separate initiative and separate application.

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