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Ascot Centre Consultation

Next steps

Ascot Centre Consultation

The Development Brief itself was submitted in July 2018 and future planning applications will be considered against the framework it delivers. The Development Brief lists a series of planning application requirements to give certainty, where it has been possible, to the land uses proposed within this Brief and the scale of the future development.

Some elements of detail are not yet known and therefore will be evolved through the planning application process as each site comes forward. These include areas such as:

  • The mix and size of homes. Whilst 300 units of residential accommodation are proposed, the individual planning applications will define the exact size and mix.
  • The type of homes, i.e. whether detached, semi or terraced or apartments for example, and thus their appearance within the street scene. There are Design Guidelines later in the Brief relating to the layout and appearance that will provide further certainty.
  • The length of an individual retail/business frontage is not prescribed here, and neither are the overall number of retail units. The emphasis is on delivering a mix of units suitable for small, independent traders.
  • Opening hours for businesses, shops, cafes, restaurants and the Community Hub are not specified.
  • The distances between dwellings, positioning of doors and windows in respect of their relationship to other buildings or open spaces, the size of private gardens, the internal arrangements of buildings and the location of bins, individual parking areas will all be determined by future applications.
  • Timings of the development, which would be set by the landowners and through the planning process.


Phasing and delivery of High Street works

Delivering the High Street improvement through one single planning application is the preferred option for implementing the vision set out in the brief. This could be supported via forward funding from individual applications as they are made to the north and south of the High Street. This will ultimately be established as part of the planning process with RBWM.

In addition, the planning application process will be expected to impose conditions and/or planning restrictions to ensure that the infrastructure is delivered in a timely manner, and in one phase.

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