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Ascot Centre Consultation

The Brief

Ascot Centre Consultation

Ascot Racecourse, Ascot Car Parks, Bloor Homes and The Crown Estate have interests in land in the vicinity of Ascot High Street. The site falls within the site known as Ascot Centre / High Street Rejuvenation, Adopted in the Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan. The site is identified for homes, retail and community space, and was adopted into local planning policy by an overwhelming vote of support from the parish in 2014.

The Ascot Centre Development Brief is centred around Ascot High Street and its rejuvenation. Ascot Centre has been identified within the Neighbourhood Plan, alongside Ascot Green (south of the High Street), as an area where development can address issues that currently constrain the High Street.

Annotated Materplan

Illustrative masterplan


The green and leafy character; the charm of small independent shops and businesses; the movement of people along the High Street, and close-knit community spirit that arises from having homes within walking distance of these local amenities are characteristics that this brief seeks to build upon and develop in order for this potential to be fulfilled.


Ascot DB Front Cover


  • A Vision Statement;
  • Details of the relationship to the Neighbourhood Plan and the Local Plan;
  • Design Objectives;
  • Indications of the infrastructure;
  • Indicative delivery mechanisms; and
  • Design guidelines for future planning applications and an Illustrative Masterplan. The Brief is supported by separate Technical Appendices.


You can download the final submitted brief and technical appendices below

Ascot Centre Draft Development Brief

Technical appendices – which include

A summary document, distributed to over 5,000 residents in Ascot, can be seen here.

Location of Ascot Centre Development Brief Area

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